Does YOUR life and disability insurance plan have an exclusion such as this? "There will be no benefits for a disability or loss that is caused or contributed to by an act or incident of war, declared or undeclared."
Employees should know where they are going and what's at stake.  Employers should advise their employees of their coverage before assigning them to duties.

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"ENG Truck safety is a habit, not an event!" c1999 sa/ca

"The hard part about safety is when you win, you get what you started never really remember,
and when you lose, you're left with less...and you never really forget."

Online ENG/SNG/CNG Safety Course.

Synopsis of the ENG-SNG-CNG Safety Course 100/101:

The 100 course is divided into 8 modules, each with a quiz at the end. Each module has its own meaning related to the other modules. Modules are comprised of many videos and pictures of incidents, and examples of certain safety-related information.  At the end of the last module, the “quiz” is the final test.

Students are required to get 100% on each quiz, which is made up of questions with multiple choice answers...many of them correct in some cases.  The amount of correct answers is given, so students know how many they need to choose.  If they do not get all of the answers, or have an incorrect one, they are asked to go back and review and re-answer the question.  They cannot progress without a 100% score.  It’s easy, but challenging.  The quizzes are more for supplemental learning than comprehension of the material, but they accomplish both. feels that “Course 100” will work as a tool that can be assigned to all members of news and field engineering departments, and gain positive quantifiable results with regard to safety education and training. It is an economical approach to the problem of getting field employees up to speed with the same information, and having documentation
of their performance. The course CAN be customized to insert or delete certain information and/or include corporate safety information and/or simply cultural information.

This is not an easy course, nor is the information within “easy” to digest, as it deals with actual footage of incidents and tragedy. By the time a student/employee has completed the course, they will likely be very reactive towards questionable situations and we hope will defer to the safety approach above all others.

Right now there are advanced courses and management courses in the works, as well as a follow up for “Course 100”.  Subsequent courses will be available for biannual or biennial administration per demand.  In the near future, “Course 200” will be created as the next step for those who have taken “Course 100”.

The "101" course is a short, under 1-hour intro, substance, and test experience, to simply get the word out about basic safety. It will be followed by something called "102", "101a" or something similar, reiterating some of 101, and expanding the vocabulary of students towards similar incident/accident concepts and staying safe. We want to keep the safety education experience interesting and fresh, and use the vast library of documented incidents to keep spreading the message.

Contact us for further information or to sign up for a review license.

Remote Fears & Silver Linings
GREAT book written by Journalist/Accident Survivor, Safety Advocate, Motivational Speaker
and Writer,
Kimberly Arms Shirk!!

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The ENG safety mantra with which to survive TV remotes:




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Sigalarm Saves Lives! will-burt

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