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Remote Fears & Silver Linings NEW BOOK written by Journalist/Accident Survivor, Safety Advocate, Motivational Speaker and Writer,
Kimberly Arms Shirk!!

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Interesting book for old and new news truckers!

  • Basic Overview of the role of ENG/SNG.
  • Definitions.
  • Elements in covering events.
  • Analog Theory.
  • The TV Picture.
  • Digital.
  • Terrestrial Microwave Links.
  • Fresnel zones.
  • Digital modulation in ENG microwave.
  • Transmission and reception chains.
  • Antennas.
  • Trucks and masts.
  • Setting up a link.
  • Mid points.
  • Other microwave links and platforms.
  • Radio cameras.
  • Optical links.
  • Satellites and orbits.
  • Basic Sat Comm Theory.
  • Basic digital SNG system.
  • Digital Compression.
  • Video Compression.
  • MPEG.
  • MPEG picture problems.
  • Audio Compression.
  • Digital Modulation in SNG.
  • DSNG processing equipment.
  • SNG Antennas.
  • Link Budgets.
  • DSNG uplink types.
  • Flyaways.
  • Typical flyaway construction.
  • SNG Vehicles.
  • SNG Operations - locating the uplink.
  • Co-ordination and line up procedures.
  • Automation.
  • Inmarsat and the use of Videophones.
  • Video-conferencing and videophones.
  • Store and Forward.
  • Inmarsat satphone operation.
  • Satellite regulatory issues.
  • National control and trans-border issues.
  • Satellite operators.
  • The use of satellite capacity.
  • Types of capacity.
  • Operating an SNG uplink.
  • Safety.
  • Dealing with Hazards of Microwave equipment.
  • Electrical Hazards.
  • Operating ENG pneumatic masts.
  • Manual Handling.
  • Driving of Vehicles.
  • Operating in hostile environments.
  • Getting into the war zone.
  • Logistics.
  • On the Horizon.
  • Glossary of terms.
Introduction to SNG and ENG micowave

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<><><><>   "The Workplace Safety Store"   Workplace Health & Safety  OSHA - DOT Health,
Safety & Regulatory Compliance Training & Education - Books, Manuals, Kits,
Safety Equipment, Videos, Software and more.  (A true safety linkatorium!)

CBS ENG Safety Manual from IBEW Local 45  (The ENG Safety website that got you here) (a whole bunch of good stuff about electric utility safety...good resource)

Sigalarm's hazard warning device for ENG - Installation/Ops manual (Mast and mast safety device manufacturers)

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Videotapes and links to videos.
(Get them, make up short tests for them, cycle them quarterly.)

"Look UP and Live", Dave Wertheimer's great tape that EVERY station news employee should see BEFORE going out in the field.
It's on YouTube. [click]

A station has a mast-up drive-a-way and the station across town covers it. Great shots of the terrible accident.
It's also on YouTube. [click]
is a video put together by the folks at Pacific Gas & Electric. (PG&E)

Jennifer Cavazos, reporter in the 6-8-04 KBTX tragedy in which Matt Moore was killed,
speaks out in a meeting shortly after the accident with Austin Power Company.

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"Safety is Good News" by the Salt River Project, Phoenix, AZ.
23 minutes. FREE!  [email us...SRP seems to have let this fall by the wayside. With sufficient demand will request it from them.]

High voltage line accident videos are available on YouTube that show the effects of high voltage line proximity and contact.
[click here to go to this YouTube category]


The ENG Safety Newsletter

Important Manufacturer Bulletins and relevant warnings.

Scroll down for information on mast loading specifications.

Mast elevation warning. Elevation while driving warning

Mast loading data and specifications - Download the pdf file
(courtesy of WillBurt)

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