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    ENGsafety.com is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by me, Mark Bell.  (see bio)    Mark Bell Picture

    ENGsafety.com's hours of operation are usually from 7am to 11pm 7 days a week. Obviously response times vary, but I, and any colleagues assisting me at the task of operating the company, understand that the TV business operates 24/7, and try to be available. Believe it or not, we do get calls for advice or knowledge/referrals around the clock.

    ENGsafety.com is an 'evolved' name. In 1994, the year of creation, the company was named
Battle for Safety. Battle for Safety was a sort of pledge to fight for safety, and also a tribute to the memory of Lloyd "Alfred" Battle, whose death brought the ENG safety effort into being through this author in the pages of Television Broadcast magazine.
   As the needs of the company moved more towards certification, the name was changed to reflect that certifications were available. So, Safety Awareness/Certification Associates became the new name of the company.
    Well, that was a bit too long to remember for many, and, frankly, certifications were not a great business idea. The industry that balked at the cost of safety and accident prevention, as most do, did not like the idea of paying approximately $300 for individual certifications. ($300 is about 1/2 the per person cost of many Microsoft program seminar certifications.) Safety is a very hard sell to companies. It's a huge cost factor with little quantifiable return. Many comapnies can roll the dice and be literally conservative with safety related expenditures and stay in business without incident for a long time; maybe forever.
    As much as we hate to say it, you can't blame a guy for trying, can ya? Certification programs are still available, and encouraged...but are done only on a custom basis.
    A great substitute for a certification program is the interactive monthly ENG Safety Newsletter. [click for info]

Back to our regular program......
    As far as our name went? Well, the web site was really what was best associated with the safety effort. In the end, after much thought, the company that brought ENG safety into the limelight of the broadcast industry was named after its very popular source of information....ENGsafety.com. Many still feel that the website, me, the free and highly acclaimed and multi-award winning safety video "Safety is Good News", and other ENGsafety.com generated safety "things" are different entities. They are, and it IS easy to mix it all up... But in the end, it usually ends up here, at ENGsafety.com.
    So, here we are at ENGsafety.com, the name of the company and source of a lot of ENG safety information.

    Thank you for visiting the site.
    Please steal everything off of it you can, and contact me with any questions.
    What's here is what can be published, but not all of what there is regarding safety, accidents, and prevention mechanisms for management and employees to use to maintain a safe work environment.
    Please feel free to call us on a discreet basis to discuss your safety situation. Many call us after accidents and receive very valuable private consultations.

ENGsafety.com   Toll free-1-UR-SAFE-6090   Fax: 781-394-0762  safety@ENGsafety.com

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