"We're doing safety"
letter and sample "stuff" section.

Dear Mark,
       I thought you might be interested in our safety efforts since the safety seminar you taught here last fall.
      1. I have revised our safety manual, implementing some of your suggestions, specifically adding pictures and further emphasizing the threat of death from electrocution.
       2. Our corporation has come up with an ENG safety policy memo that all news and engineering personnel that have any thing to do with live shots (e.g. producers, assignment desk, photographers, engineers) are required to read and sign. This policy includes a 15 foot minimum distance from all wires.
      3. I have added more safety equipment to each eng and sng truck. Specifically: Orange cones, two safety vests, first aid kits, high power spot lights, additional signs reminding operators to look up while raising the mast, "Danger High Voltage" signs on our sng truck to keep idiots from climbing up by the uplink antenna. (I figured that would be more effective than "Danger RF" because most people would not know what RF is).
    4. All live shot engineers attended the seminars that you taught here at our facility and are required to view "Dangers From Above," Look Up and Live," and "Safety is Good News"
      5. I am currently testing all live shot engineers with both written and practical tests a la AFLAC, with local refinements.
       6. I have just mailed a subscription for the ENG Safety Newsletter, which will be required reading in the Engineering department and, hopefully in the News department as well.
       7. In the coming year I plan to get someone from the local Electric utilty and/or fire department to do a safety seminar and someone from the Red Cross for CPR training. I will send you a copy of our new safety manual to your P.O. box or to another address if you prefer. Thanks for your help an for your commitment to ENG safety.


This is an html derrivative of an assignment sheet used at WRAL, sent to us by their Chief Photographer Richard Adkins.  It's basic information, but contains the picture/reminder at the bottom, drawn by Richard's daughter, to remind people that there is danger with trucks and wires. Say it enough and soon it'll become reflex for people to think there is a problem whenever wires and trucks share space. And that's just what you want the intended reaction to be from your safety propaganda.

Liveshot Sheet

Wednesday April 25th, 2001

VAN:        5
TECH:    Adkins

STORY………      LGX  Adjourns 

NEWSCAST.....   6pm 

LOCATION:    Legislature – Jones Street 

DEPARTURE TIME…………      3:30p 

CREW……….     JJE/FTA 

NOTES………   Take File Tape