Pictures from the world of ENG accidents. (Don't try any of these at home, please......)

(Note: Many of these pictures have been donated by nameless individuals who did so to promote learning and accident awareness which will, hopefully, turn into accident prevention. Bless them all. Please send any clips to, 44 Highland View Street, Westfield, MA 01085-2735 with some sort of verification information. The source of information is not logged and will be quickly forgotten.)
Reporter runs from exploding truck 5-2-2000, 115,000 volts to ground, ground rose up to it as well. Camera, attached to truck at left during powerline grounding.
1997 power line grounding severely injures 2. 5-22-2000 power line grounding. It happens to Sat trucks too! This one was driven into a traffic light support, dish up.
5-27-2000, 115,000 volts, right between 2 overhead high voltage line towers. Lakers Championshp Celebration coverage vehicle in the wrong place. Arcs are reportedly the hottest phenomenon on the planet. From Safety is Good News, Salt River Project.
Train vs. Live Truck....timing IS everything sometimes....
High speed mechanical failure??? Snowy, slippery, highway entrance ramp claims truck....slow down!
Clearance accident
Mast-up driving tip-over
Mast-up driving into wires
Mast crushed operator
Crashed into traffic light
Truck ran off road