PAPERS, Past incidents.

This is a collection of papers and articles published and submitted for publication
over the years regarding ENG Safety.

Papers written by others are welcomed for posting as well.
This section will be updated as more papers become available.

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Past incidents. Some incidents of record...suggestions accepted.
To the Personal Section, a special section for those effected by ENG tragedies.

"The State of ENG Safety: The Industry Has To Do More To Prevent Tragedy."  by Mark Bell for Television Broadcast, via

Be Afraid, and be very prepared  by Mark Bell for Deb Potter's  -

Four part Series from  magazine, 1994
ENG Safety, Everybody's issue, 1998

1997 ENG Safety Overview (shorter, updated version of the 1994  series) 
What's left in the end, a compilation of two stories from the personal section

Special ENG Safety report to the National Press Photographers Association.