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    If employees have a complaint regarding workplace safety there are many ways you can help them. Many times the smallest issue can result in elevated emotions which work against accomplishing the task at hand. Teamwork and avoidance are the keys, as is remembering that there are few employers who would want to go through the machinations of an industrial accident and subsequent investigation a second time. You can learn from their first-time experiences and avoid accidents.
    The links below lead to information that employees have to remedy a situation they feel may be threatening them in the workplace. They are also lessons employers and managers should be aware of, as they, such as other laws, codes and guidelines, come from past problems. Please contact us if you need any safety information or resources. [e-mail] Custom requests are honored.


    If you feel you have a complaint regarding your workplace, use the available resources at your place of employment to remedy the situation, and know you have other resources as well. The battle for safe workplace conditions is as old as industry, and depends on professionalism and the ability of employees to demonstrate hazards to the employer.
    It's also up to employees to use safe work practices themselves.  Unfortunately, shortcuts of procedures, bypassed safety devices, misuse or non-use of safety devices, and other "cultural" behaviors are clichés in accident investigations.
    As one veteran stated: "Safety is not ever going to be a big deal to the employer if it's not to the employees." Contact us if you have any specific questions. [e-mail]